World War 3 recipe – do we have all the ingredients?

China economy crackdown is not a local issue. The direct impact of it on global economy is obvious, and beyond the scope (and the subject) of this post.

The indirect effect might threaten the communist party in Beijing. What are the odds that Xi will step down peacefully, after 16 Oct 2022 elections? What totalitarian regimes have done in the past when a serious economy melt down happened in their shift?


Nancy Pelosi’s visit, US military support, China’s warning against the US…
Russia’s support to China.
Evil axis united – North Korea, Muslim/Arabs countries – Iran, Syria, etc., South & Central America countries that hostile to the US, and more.

All this happens while Europe & US drowning in their own stupidity – progressive governments, preferring climate & gender activism over their citizens benefits, failed economic monetary & fiscal policies.

There you have the recipe for a WW3. Only left to decide who will be the victim of the next genocide while the world won’t care (Armanian, Jewish, who’s next.)

WW3 map

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