Midterm rally prospects, another indicator.

In addition to this, I’ll try to raise another argument for the bulls for Midterm/October rally before recession.


Take a look at this Nasdaq 100 weekly chart, with Unemployment Rate marked in Cyan and 200 moving average in gray (more on this indicator in here).

9 October 2022, Nasdaq 100.

Seems like unemployment rate is pretty low in order to start talking about a recession already.

Let’s have a reference –

Jan 2001, one last ride before the storm.

On 2001 recession, the chart had broken brutally this 200ma line when unemployment rate had raised, back in Feb 2001, thus one month later from the moment we’re here now where we meet the 200ma when unemployment rate is low.


On 2008, similar story – failed attempt to break the 200ma downward when unemployment rate still low, followed by successful attempt few months later when unemployment was higher – Lehman Brothers moment:

March & September 2008 – attempts to break the 200ma

Since 2008

Please note that this weekly 200ma line of defense hasn’t been broken since 2008, even on March 2020 flash crash (S&P 500 did fall temporary from this line, Nasdaq didn’t).

Weekly Nasdaq 100 above 200ma since 2008, with declining unemployment rate.


Therefore this is another argument that recession might be ahead – however mid-term rally could take place before that, since unemployment rate is not signaling we’re ready for a recession.

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