Bear market simple trick

Before you start

Make sure we’re on a bear market first. By definition it’s defined simply by a drop of 20% from previous high, however forget definition, how is that looks to you?

Downtrend on BTC, according to the time of writing.

Protection before action

Bear markets have upside pull backs, and fake outs. Stop loss is an art. You need to define stop loss that protects you from a real trend change, however won’t wipe off your profits before down trend continuation.

Stop loss and pull backs

Simple way to make money during bear market

  1. Detect an altcoin with high liquidity, on a popular CEX, that gained some major profits during the past bull run (2021). Preferably ones of the top 20. We’re talking about short – I usually don’t short meme coins, cause although they’re stupid – because they’re stupid they might act irrationally.
  2. Watch this alt coin previous support levels, and mark them down.
  3. Divide your capital into 4-12 parts, and put short sell orders on each of the previous support levels (that have been broken) from the previous step.
  4. Put alerts for BTC (not for this token, to eliminate fear & noise during fake outs), and take your profits within weeks. If you’re bold enough – months.
Not financial advice

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