My Portfolio – updated interactively


This portfolio was intended to share DeFi stablecoin yields and farming ideas.

On the past months I’ve transitioned the vast majority of the funds into CEX for trading, cause after all trading in DeFi still doesn’t get close to CeFi yet – from liquidity and UX.

Since it’s hard to maintain trading portfolio interactively, I won’t update this section – so till I’ll be back (hopefully with more funds πŸ˜‰ ) to DeFi investing, this portfolio has nothing interesting for you to watch.

Will be updated by summer hopefully!

The Portfolio

Ignore the Account column – it’s intended for me only (diversification map), actually this whole file was intended for my personal use only, so forgive me about the lousy result… Open in full screen

I forgot to say that I’m not a financial advisor. Have you ever met a financial advisor in the crypto space? Apparently no one is a financial advisor. Some of them will say ‘this information is meant for entertainment purpose only‘. Yeah right… so funny to lose your whole lifetime savings in crypto, I can’t hold myself.

So I honestly say – this is a financial advice from a non-financial advisor. I’m not an expert in anything, and probably not in finance/crypto. I’ve lost a lot, I’ve learned a little, I’m taking risks, sometimes uncounted and irresponsible – I’m a typical crypto guy. πŸ˜‰


    1. Thanks, been massively updated yesterday, make sure you’re up to date – I’ve removed the non/worst-yielding ones, replaced them with better opportunities and moved more funds to the ones which met my expectations (e.g.: FRAX, also increased locking period to boost the yields.)

    1. Thanks, I’ve updated the APR. It was meant to drop down, however it still on the 30+% level so I’ll keep my funds there and still examine it for the following days. Meantime it’s only ~6% of my stablecoins portfolio.

  1. Hi, thanks for the strategy. Your docs sheet is nice, how can I copy your sheet to edit and change to use as my own portfolio?

  2. Hey mate this is really thorough work, should feel stoked with this, I felt like I have learned a lot from your blogs and other related posts on this as well, keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing!

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