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Metis in less than a nutshell

Metis is a layer 2 ETH network – low fees, high speed, optimistic rollups type.

It’s new, it’s emerging, it’s interesting – however we’ve probably heard about it mainly due to Natalia Ameline – Vitalik Buterin’s mother. πŸ˜‰

Metis team

Metis is its gas token, and Netswap is the main DEX with great yield opportunities according to time of writing.

In addition to Netswap there is also Tethys – 2nd DEX of Metis, with lower liquidity however more tokens; and of course how can a network launch without a Tomb fork – Hades.

How to start farming on Netswap

First, we need to get Metis token. As usual – we don’t wanna go to a CEX or through ETH network, cause we’re not losers πŸ˜‰ – DeFi only:

  1. Buy yourself a nice bunch of Metis tokens in BSC (PancakeSwap), I use 1Inch – did you know they have limit orders also? Metis BEP20 contract (BSC) – 0xe552fb52a4f19e44ef5a967632dbc320b0820639
  2. Bridge it over from BSC to Metis network –
  3. That’s it – go to Netswap (or other dApp on Metis), it will configure Metis chain on your MetaMask, and then swap Metis, stake / farm…
Netswap farms

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