From FOMC to FOMO – market sentiment 19 Feb 2022


Bullish on near term, bearish on mid term, bullish on long term.

Let’s start

Three main issues affect crypto space right now –

  1. Russian Ukraine conflict.
  2. US macro issues – debt & inflation.
  3. BTC adoption.

While the first two are bearish, the third is super bullish.

So what is it going to be?

Russian Ukraine conflict

I believe Russian Ukraine conflict is a white noise for crypto space. It’s over 1000 years conflict, you know… And Biden won’t do anything. Therefore I’m bullish on the near term.

US macro aspect

This is where I tend to be bearish. I believe the market priced in half of it, however didn’t absorb all of it. Therefore I’m bearish on the mid term. There expected five interest hikes on this year, and usually it’s not good for the markets. And without it – inflation will go wild, so there’s no other choice, and FED are already late, and they know it.

BTC adoption

Can’t think of a better setup for bull run – institutional adoption, world-wide inflation and retail adoption, demographic and geographic changes, mass developments, hash rate, technical analysis, everything is on our side.

Well, you don’t need me for it. Subscribe to the following Youtube channel, he’d doing it much better than me.

Final note

We’re on DeFi space, so enough with BTC, we’re all interested to know what happened to alts lately, and why. Keep reading.

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