DeFi Tools

  • Portfolio viewerDeBank, Zapper, ApeBoard (supports non EVM networks!).
  • Swapping – I prefer using aggregator like 1Inch instead of directly DEX. Firebird and Paraswap works great also. Unfortunately the native DEXes don’t give results which can challenge those DeFi aggregators, however it worth mentioning some of them, even for reference – TraderJoe & Pangolin for Avalanche, QuickSwap for Polygon, SolarBeam for MoonRiver. 1Swap in MoonRiever is far from getting close to this list, however it once saved my ass when it was the only utility to swap lost Avalanche bridged assets. Sometimes it would be easier to use CEX as a mediator between DeFi networks, usually KuCoin or Binance. Last but not least – Curve is ought to be the best bargain for stablecoins swap, mainly with high volume – however 1inch defeat it in his own field.
  • Bridging – this field evolves sharply nowadays, so you may find better alternatives – inform me if you would (and I’ll try to update). According to the time of writing, Multichain is my favorite, in terms of cost, risk and networks coverage parameters. CBridge, SpookySwap, RelayChain, Synapse are great – check fees and other details before usage. Other bridges I didn’t try – allbridge, Rango. Some other bridges allow bridging their own native token only – ELK Finance, Abracadabra and more. Of course there are the native bridges (Avalanche, Polygon, Terra, Near), to/from Ethereum, they’re located at the extreme right side of cheap-safe tradeoff…
  • SafetyRugDoc, DeFi Safety, list of DeFi hacks.
  • The Real DeFi Podcast – everything about DeFi (you can also find me there)
  • Charts & Analytics – well you probably aware of CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, however for DeFi it’s better to use – DexGuru, PooCoin, ChartEx.
  • Farms scannerMultiFarm, Yield Rodeo, CoinDix.
  • DEX scannerDEX Screener
  • Farms viewerVFAT Tools
  • DeFi monitorDeFi Llama, DeFi Pulse.

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