How to invest in Frax Finance (Polygon) to get ±50% APR

Edit Jan 19 2022: their APR dropped dramatically, due to non voting for this pool. Since Polygon users can’t vote (according to time of writing), it seems unfair and I’ve complained in their Telegram – they doesn’t seem to care so I encourage everyone strongly to withdraw funds from Frax Finance ASAP and if you’re… Continue reading How to invest in Frax Finance (Polygon) to get ±50% APR

DeFi Tools

Portfolio viewer – DeBank, Zapper, ApeBoard (supports non EVM networks!). Swapping – I prefer using aggregator like 1Inch instead of directly DEX. Firebird and Paraswap works great also. Unfortunately the native DEXes don’t give results which can challenge those DeFi aggregators, however it worth mentioning some of them, even for reference – TraderJoe & Pangolin… Continue reading DeFi Tools

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Mirror – Short, Long Buy Neutral (how to)

Background Anchor on Terra gives fixed ±19.5% APY. Mirror on Terra lets you trade popular US stock market assets. It’s not directly those stocks/securities, but crypto tokens backed by those assets, usually costs higher than market value of those shares. Mirror also have the option to short those assets, and also farm the assets –… Continue reading Mirror – Short, Long Buy Neutral (how to)


Well.. here is the ‘fun’ part. Smart Contract risk – bugs, hacks, etc. ‘Bank run’ – all investors will ask for their money back almost at the same time, the last ones will be left without liquidity. Stablecoin losing it’s peg – we’re talking almost exclusively on USD-pegged stablecoins. Some of them might get value… Continue reading Risks

Stablecoin yields materials

Market Return on StableCoin-based Strategies – weekly research report (unfortunately focuses too much on ETH network, therefore I’m trying to fill this gap in here.) Justin Bram Discord group stablecoin-yields of DeFi Innovation (you can also find me there)

My Portfolio – updated interactively

Background This portfolio was intended to share DeFi stablecoin yields and farming ideas. On the past months I’ve transitioned the vast majority of the funds into CEX for trading, cause after all trading in DeFi still doesn’t get close to CeFi yet – from liquidity and UX. Since it’s hard to maintain trading portfolio interactively,… Continue reading My Portfolio – updated interactively